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BMW Motorcycles are reliable and dependable machines.  Ecuador MotoRides offers a product for those who want a taste of riding this amazing vehicle through the roads and landscapes of Ecuador.

Optional GPS
Unlimited Kilometers
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Our rental motorcycles offer, includes key accessories such as lateral panniers for your personal belongings and *optional GPS rental for keeping you on the right track.

Rental Rates

Ecuador MotoRides Rental Rates

Motorcycle Choice 2 - 6 days 7+ days INSURANCE RATE Deductible Deposit
F 700GS US$167 US$150 US$30.00/per day US$2,000
F 800GS US$185 US$170 US$30.00/per day US$2,000

Requirements and details

  • Unlimited Kilometers
  • + IVA / VAT
  • Minimum Rental Period: 2 days
  • Age Requirement: must be at least 30
  • Valid Motorcycle License with a minimum of 2 years riding experience

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