Guided Tours

Our guided tours offer you the opportunity to travel through Ecuador in the comfort and responsiveness of a luxury motorcycle, while always in company of an experienced tour leader and a support vehicle.

Tailored Tours

Brand new motorcycles ensure an unparalled riding experience. Our technical staff follow strict guidelines for maintenance and testing of our motorcycles before they leave for a long or short trip.

Self-guided Tours

Travel through Ecuador’s paths at your own pace. Ecuador MotoRides offers a product that includes a selection of our outstanding motorcycles along with a GPS system and a planned route and accommodations for those who travel alone.


BMW Motorcycles are reliable and dependable machines. Ecuador MotoRides offers a product for those who want a taste of riding this amazing vehicle through the roads and landscapes of Ecuador.

Travel Info

Informed travel decisions allow for memorable experiences. Ecuador Motorides has compiled all information necessary for you to select the motorcycle trip that suits your needs.